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Hot Tub Repair and Cleaning

Whether it’s hot tub maintenance or education, we are here for you.


You decided to have your own spa.
And it is a great idea. But…

…before you install the hot tub and fill it in with water, you must know that owning a hot tub means that it must always be in impeccable condition, placed in the appropriate part of your house or yard.

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You must know what is a maximum water capacity, who can use it (personage and its health conditions), what hot tub chemistry to use, and how to keep it clean.

Or, don’t deal with all maintenance details and call us to do it for you.

The hot tub requires the same basic care as a pool. The most important are water circulation, cleaning, and chemistry. Each hot tub is different, but the same for each and one of the hot tubs is consistent maintenance – scheduled weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.  

Circulating the water helps keep it free of contaminants by passing it through the hot tub’s cartridge filters. Indoor and outdoor hot tubs are both prone to developing scum. An outdoor hot tub can be also compromised by leaves, wind-blown trash, and the occasional stray critter.

Hot tub filters need a good cleaning to work properly by rinse, spray, and soak to extend their life.

If a hot tub is not used for a long time, then is necessary to do a complete sanitization to keep water safe and clean and replace equipment parts that may be damaged due to prolonged non-use.

After the first inspection, our technicians will advise what work needs to be done for the hot tub to function properly. Call us to make an arrangement.


Other Services

It is very important that you set up a routine pool cleaning schedule. 
More importantly – let the experts do it for you.



We offer full residential pool service and we take care of that any pool equipment works properly.



We take care of your pool maintenance schedule and can save you from large, time-consuming repairs.

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Pool care has never been easier.
We provide hot tube services and professional pool service and repairs!

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