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Acid Wash

Our pool acid wash is a pool maintenance activity that improves the pool’s conditions and prolongs its lifespan.

Pool Acid Wash In North Bethesda

System Pools LLC offers 5-star quality pool acid wash in North Bethesda. This is one of the pool maintenance activities that improve the pool’s condition and prolongs its lifespan. Pool acid wash is recommendable when pool water starts looking filthy and changes its color, so you lose the desire to dive into your oasis. Pool water doesn’t look the same because of the algae build-up, magnesium, copper, and hard water stains that accumulated over time.

Importantly, pool acid wash is inevitable when the pool stains can’t be eliminated through regular water chemical treatment. The final goal of this delicate activity is to restore the original look of the swimming pool and bring out a brighter finish of a pool.

Pool acid wash is also known as dry & clean. So, System Pools LLC has a team of experienced pool technicians who are specialized to carry out each element of pool acid washing adequately. They carefully plan and organize every step of this service. Plus, the efficiency of the pool acid wash carried out by these professionals is ensured using special chemicals and specific equipment.

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How safe is pool acid wash?

Pool acid wash in North Bethesda includes using chemicals, primarily hydrochloric acid, and water. So, it is crucial to drain the pool before the start of the procedure. During the acid washing, qualified pool technicians spray the chemicals onto the pool’s surface. That is why grime and build-up are efficiently removed. Finally, System Pools LLC’s well-coordinated and experienced team scrubs out the staining and grime with a brush.
In addition, pool acid wash helps with removing algae growth. This is especially useful if we know that algae lead to serious health issues. Magnesium stains make the pool water change its color to pink, red, or even black. Likewise, when the pool water’s source is well water high in all minerals, copper stains create blue, green, or dark colors. Also, calcium deposits are frequently present along the pool edge where the tile meets the water. Plus, hard water stains lead to unsafe and lower water pH levels while the water is cloudy.
System Pools LLC has finalized numerous pool acid washes. Moreover, its technicians are trained to prevent pool surface discoloration and damage. Once the swimming pool is cleaned, rinsed, and cleared of any debris, it is refilled and balanced.
It’s recommendable to regularly maintain your pool so that you will need to acid wash it every 5-7 years.


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Our task is to restore the original look of your pool and give it a brighter finish.

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