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Pool Tile Replacement

We will drain your pool, carefully remove the old tiles, prepare the surface, and smoothly install the new tiles. We will give your pool a modern and fresh look in record time.

Pool Tile Replacement in North Bethesda

System Pools LLC designed its pool tile replacement in North Bethesda to provide a pleasant and hassle-free experience for its clients. Every step in this complex pool service is carefully planned and carried out with a focus on efficiency, safety, and quality.

First, System Pools LLC’s crew members completely drain the pool to ensure that the tile adhesive may adequately be set. Then, they remove the old tile using a scraper or chisel. The next activity in the process of pool tile replacement is to clean and prepare the swimming pool surface for the novel tiles. If needed, System Pools LLC’s team includes smoothing out all rough patches. Also, there may be a filling of all detected holes or cracks. A pool tile replacement continues with the installation of new tiles. For this purpose, pool technicians use an adhesive that withstands exposure to chemicals and water.

The task of System Pool LLC’s crew is to carefully place and align the tile to make a smooth surface. Grouting and sealing are the next steps in the pool tile replacement process to fill in the gaps that appeared between tiles. The grout has to dry before pool technicians apply a sealant to protect the tiles. Finally, the swimming pool is refilled with water. The chemicals are added to balance the water chemistry.

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Benefits of pool tile replacement

System Pools LLC suggests that there are several important benefits of pool tile replacement. New tiles give a modern and fresh look to a pool. Also, they prevent water damage and leaks to ensure that the pool structure is intact. With novel tiles, the safety of swimmers is improved. There are no slippery areas that may be dangerous. Apart from improving a pool’s look, pool tile replacement increases the property value. Finally, pool owners can easily and swiftly clean and maintain their pools.

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Our experienced team will safely replace your pool’s tiles.

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