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Pool Coping Stone Reset and Replacement

Pool coping stone reset and replacement includes removal and replacement of the existing coping stones if they are loose or damaged.

Pool Coping Stone Reset and Replacement in North Bethesda MD

Pool coping stone has functional and aesthetical benefits. It protects the retaining wall from water damage. In addition, it provides a non-slip surface around the pool’s edge. So, it is a decorative addition that enhances the look of the pool area. Moreover, it complements the color and style of the deck, patio, and entire landscaping. Coping stones are made of stone, concrete, or other long-lasting materials.

Pool coping stone reset and replacement is a pool service that requires skill and attention to detail. It has to be carried out by skillful technicians who choose the best materials and proven techniques.

System Pools LLC provides pool coping stone reset and replacement as one of the pool and spa repair and renovation services. Pool coping stone resetting includes the removal and replacement of the existing coping stones when they become damaged or loose. Knowledge professionals carry out pool coping stone reset and replacement through several activities that vary depending on the type of the coping stone. It is vital to detect the damage and use top-quality materials so that the procedure gives the desired outcome.


Steps in pool coping stone reset and replacement

First, System Pools LLC’s pool technicians prepare the area around the pool and cover it. Then, they remove the existing coping stones from the top of the retaining wall. Next, they clean the surface wall to be sure that it is free of dust, contaminants, and debris. After that, pool engineers repair the retaining wall. In case it is damaged, they repair all chips, cracks, and other damage before they reset the coping stones. Then, they install the new coping stones by laying a bed of mortar on the retaining wall’s surface.

These professionals position the new coping stones in place. Finally, they fill in the gaps between coping stones with grout to ensure that the finish is seamless and smooth. In the end, the team of well-coordinated pool technicians removes the excess grout, cleans up the area, and restores the pool’s original condition.


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Our skillful pool technicians prepare the area, remove the old coping stones, clean the surface, and repair the retaining wall. Also, they repair the cracks and chips before resetting the coping stones.

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