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Winterizing Services

System Pools LLC

Winterizing Service

We are System Pools, LLC, a reliable pool contractor prepared to guide you and your precious swimming pool throughout the year.

We designed our pool closing services to make your pool ready for the off-season time. It’s essential to care about your pool when the summer is over which is going to ensure its best condition for many years to come!

It is important how you close your pool. It will reflect the amount of effort that you have to invest into your pool opening in the spring. That is why we suggest leaving it to us – System Pools, LLC, a professional pool company.

Our teams are well-trained and experienced to make a balance in and around your pool using the newest pool equipment that will protect the pool from freezing in winter.


From the scope of our winterizing services, we recommend:

Removing debris and collected leaves from the pool

Pool vacuuming

Pump and heater draining

Inspection and winter cover installation

Filter system backwashing

Lowering the pool water level

Testing water

Adding winter chemicals when needed

Plugging returns and skimmers

Removing and storing ladders, handrails, and other store deck equipment

Blowing off the pool deck area

When is the time to close your pool?

When the pool water is below 65 degrees Fahrenheit our pool technicians suggest closing it. In areas with trees, leaves can be a great problem to the pool, so we recommend pool closing before the leaves start accumulating and clogging the filtration system.

If you decide to close your pool at this moment, no algae or bacteria are going to grow in colder parts of the year. The worst is to open your pool in spring and see a green pond.

For all questions about the pool closing and all winterizing services, feel free to call us at 240-252-8520. We are System Pools, LLC – a trustworthy pool company whose pool technicians are always ready to help make your pool ready for the next season.


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